Thursday, 18 December 2014

Spruce Up Your Home in 2015

Is your home in need of a bit of a makeover? We've put together this blog to suggest a few ways you can achieve a fresh look and feel, without spending a fortune.

While sprucing up your abode with these numerous bits and bobs, you'll be making it an even more comfortable place to live – which is the most important thing after all.


A good mirror can really make a room look a lot bigger than it actually is – this is quite well-known. In addition to this, it can also brighten up the room a great deal. We have a good selection of mirrors in different shapes and sizes. This brown faux leather mirror by Julian Bowen would look great in any bedroom – and will come in handy for checking your outfit before you leave the house.

Duvet Covers

Not only can fresh duvet covers transform a bedroom that has become a bit boring, they feel great too. There's nothing like sleeping in a new set, and we can provide these to you at magnificent prices. Have a browse through our selection of cheap duvet covers and pick out the ones you think will suit your rooms best.


A warm, homely rug is arguably one of the essential items for any living room – especially one with wooden or laminate flooring. In winter it makes all the difference – it's something to sink your feet into as you watch some evening telly with a cup of tea. We have a good range of discounted rugs in all different shapes and sizes, so you can choose one that's the right size for your needs.

Small Kitchen Appliances

Every kitchen could do with a few items that make preparing food and drinks a little bit easier. For this reason we offer all kinds of small kitchen appliances. We have all the essentials – such as toasters and kettles – and if you feel like really treating yourself, why not invest in a DeLonghi Icona coffee maker? "It's the little things," as they say.


Could your living room do with a new TV? Still not updated it to HD? We can fix that for you. We have cheap TVs from some of the most trusted electrical brands out there – perhaps the best known being Samsung. We have a few different sizes, so whether you need a main family telly for downstairs or a smaller one for a bedroom, we have just what you need.

Need Any Help?

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Thursday, 11 December 2014

Last-Minute Stocking-Fillers for All the Family

You may have already got the big presents out of the way, but what about the smaller bits and pieces that add the finishing touches to a great family Christmas? We've had a think and come up with a few great wrap-up and stocking-filler ideas for both adults and children.

Perfume and Aftershave

Getting a bottle of perfume or aftershave is never a bad idea. Whether it's a fragrance gift set for somebody's main present, or a small bottle to keep them topped up with their favourite scent, you can't go wrong.

We stock some of your favourite fragrance brands – such as Jimmy Choo and Paul Smith – so be sure to have a good look through our selection.

Skincare Items

Like fragrances, moisturisers and lotions are always a success. We have a number of low-priced skincare products for both men and women from well-established names such as Olay and Loreal.

Shavers and Clippers

Thanks to our extremely low prices you can wrap up a shaver or clipper set for a loved one without spending a fortune. Whether you're buying for a woman who likes to keep her legs smooth or a man who likes to stay clean-shaven, we have the right set for you – and for the right price.

Dolls and Action Figures

No matter how many presents you've already bought your little one(s), there's always room for their favourite doll or action hero. We have perfect stocking-fillers from some of the most recognisable kids' brands out there – from Barbie and Monster High to Spiderman and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Get Christmas Wrapped Up for Less at TJ Hughes

If you've shopped at TJ Hughes before, you'll no doubt know that we love giving our customers a good bargain. At Christmas time we like to go the extra mile and offer even bigger and better savings, so that you can concentrate on other crucial parts of the festive season – such as buying a big turkey and not overcooking it.

If you'd like any help or need to ask us a question, just get in touch with our customer service team on 0844 576 0272 (between 9am – 5pm on weekdays).

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Timeless Gift Choices

For some of us, choosing Christmas gifts is a fairly easy process every year, while for others it can be difficult and frustrating. It could be safe to say that most of us have at least one person in our lives who is quite difficult to buy for.

At TJ Hughes we understand this, as we have all been in similar present predicaments ourselves, and for this reason we have put together a mini guide to help you out and offer a few suggestions.


You can rarely go wrong with aftershave or perfume – it's one of the very few universal gifts. However, choosing the fragrance is a task in itself.

Luckily for you, we have a wide range of men's and women's fragrances from some of the most prestigious brands out there, such as Jimmy Choo, Gucci, Prada, Paul Smith and Jean Paul Gaultier.

For Men

The scent you choose could depend on a number of things. If the person you are buying it for is quite traditional in their tastes, you may want to consider a classic or musky fragrance such as the Burberry Classic eau de toilette. On the other hand, for a rather young or modern man, you can't go wrong with a sweeter scent such as those made by Hugo Boss and Joop.

For Women

Our selection of ladies' fragrances is enormous, because we want to make sure women of all tastes are catered for. Of course, choosing perfume for a lady can be quite a challenging task.

Skincare Gift Sets

A great alternative to a bottle of perfume is a beauty and skincare gift set. We have products from world-renowned brands such as Elizabeth Arden and Baylis & Harding (again, we can offer advice over the phone if you are unsure which set would be best).

Everyday Essentials

If you're really struggling to think of ideas for a big present, a brilliant solution could be to get the person in question a number of smaller items – and everyday essentials are ideal. For men, socks and underwear are great choices, especially if they don't buy these items for themselves throughout the year. For women, a fresh set of pyjamas is always a good option – especially Christmas-related ones.

Would You Like Some Help?

If you need any more information or have a query about a particular product, please get in touch with our customer care team today on 0844 576 0272. Alternatively you can ask us a question via our online enquiry form.

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Perfect Christmas Gifts for Kids

With only a matter of weeks to go until December 25th, we thought it would be a good idea to make a few suggestions on what to get for your little ones. We've got everything covered – from clever stocking-fillers to bigger presents that will make their Christmas extra special.

Action Heroes and Dolls

As a new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film came out this year, it's a great time to give your child the action figures for Christmas – we have Leonardo, Michelangelo, Raphael and Donatello. If you're not sure which one they like best, there's no safer bet than going for the complete set.

Other really popular figurines include Optimus Maximus from the Transformers series, and of course a number of Spiderman products that your kids will love.

For girls we have all kinds of different dolls – from classic brands such as Barbie to popular modern alternatives such as the Monster High series. Our Hello Kitty products are hugely popular, especially the bikes – which come complete with stabilisers and would be a great choice for any little girl's first bicycle.

Ride-On Toys

There are few activities children find more fun than pretending they're driving their very own vehicle around. Of course, they'll be quite a few years off experiencing the real thing, but we have the toys that will keep them satisfied for the time being.

We have a wide selection of ride-on toys – everything from quad bikes and motorbikes to manual scooters. One of the most popular items is the Raptor quad bike, which comes in blue, red or yellow so that you can choose the one you think your little one will like best.

Outdoor Toys

Encouraging your kids to enjoy the outdoors from an early age is really important. At TJ Hughes we have all sorts of outdoor toys and playhouses that will ensure you are able to do this.

It could be fair to say that most children love to jump around on trampolines, and this is also a great way for them to keep fit. We have a number of safe and sturdy trampolines in different sizes so that you'll be able to find the perfect one – even if you have limited space.

Need Any Help?

We want to ensure that your family has a superb Christmas, so as well as offering superb savings on our selection of toys, we are happy to assist you in any way we can.

If you would like any advice or more information on products, please get in touch with the customer service team today by calling 0844 576 0272m, or fill in the online enquiry form on our Contact Us page.

Thursday, 23 October 2014

A Guide to Buying Curtains

When it comes to buying curtains, you will usually have a good idea of what you want. However, a number of factors should be considered before you buy, in order to ensure that the curtains will fully cover the window and have enough room to hang from the pole.


Making highly accurate measurements is always the first, and most certainly foremost, task.

You will need to measure the width and height of the window in question, and then add six inches to the top and both sides. If you like, you can also add another inch onto the width to account for the overlap in the middle when the curtains are closed.

As for the bottom of the window, you will need to decide how far down you want the curtains to reach. It is up to you whether they rest just below the window sill or several inches (or feet) lower than it.

Picking the Colour

In downstairs rooms, many people choose to go with neutral colours such as creams and whites on the walls, as these maximise brightness and complement virtually any kind of furniture. When it comes to curtains, the same rules apply.

In bedrooms, you have a little more freedom. You can choose light colours if you wish, but may want to consider darker options if you would like to keep light out of the room. If this is the case, blackout curtains would be a good option, as they will facilitate a good night's sleep even in the middle of summer, when the sun rises early and sets late.

Pencil Pleat or Eyelet?

Pencil pleat curtains are perhaps more traditional in style, and have the rings attached to the top of the fabric, while eyelet curtains have the rings built in. Which design you go for will depend largely upon whether you are going for a classic or modern look.

Both styles are hugely popular, and for this reason we have a wide range of each for you to choose from.

Need Any More Help?

If you need any more information on a specific curtain set, or would simply like some advice, don't hesitate to get in touch with our customer service team on 0844 576 0272, or fill in an online enquiry form – we will get back to you as quickly as we can.

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Mood-Enhancing Colour Schemes For Your Home

For many of us, our home is our sanctuary. There is simply nothing better than being welcomed by all your favourite sights, sounds and smells as you step through the front door into your own personal piece of paradise after a long day or week away.
However, most people are completely unaware of how much the decor and furnishings that they choose can impact on their mood and emotions. Have you done enough to make the most of your surroundings and create the welcoming home environment that we all crave?
Looking at different colours and the emotions that they can evoke, we have discovered exactly how certain shades can affect our disposition, both physically and emotionally when used in the home. Whether you are hoping to create a warm, cosy feeling or a dramatic, mysterious ambience, find out what colours you should add into your home and the rooms they should be used in.
Mood-Enhancing Colour Schemes For Your Home

There are a number of ways in which you can add colour into your home to create the atmosphere that you desire. Redecorating and painting might be the more obvious choice, but if you prefer neutral tones on your walls or don't want a complete overhaul, you can do so through home furnishings and accessories.
TJ Hughes has a wide selection of colourful bedding, cushions, rugs, curtains and more that can be used to help you to achieve a mood-boosting home. You can find all of our products online, or if you would prefer, use our store finder to locate the branches closest to you.

Monday, 13 October 2014

TJ Hughes opens brand new store in Hartlepool

We are delighted to announce that the opening of our new store in Hartlepool on September 25th was a great success.

Hundreds of local shoppers gathered at the store in Middleton Grange Shopping Centre at 10:30 to attend the ribbon-cutting ceremony, immediately after which they were free to walk in and begin bargain hunting.

As with all of our stores, the new Hartlepool branch will focus on high-quality products from leading brands at our famous discount prices. From home and furniture items and kids' toys to skincare and beauty products, we will stock it.

Anil Juneja, chief executive here at TJ Hughes, said: "We're continuing to expand our stores across the country and we're delighted to be opening in Hartlepool for the first time in our history. We've real confidence in the town's vision for the future and I believe our offering is perfect for the current economic climate. People want quality, well-known brands, and value for money, which all suits the family's household budget."

The store occupies the shopping centre's largest unit (which measures 38,000 square feet), and it has created 70 jobs, which will provide the local economy with a great boost. It joins the Middlesbrough and Newcastle upon Tyne branches to become our third in the North East.

Anil added: "This year we've had an excellent performance across our stores, which have enabled us to accelerate our plans for expansion and add the eleventh store in Hartlepool. With the outlook for the economy strengthening we're hoping to see more TJ Hughes stores opening soon."

You can take advantage of our great offers no matter which part of the UK you live, as in addition to our 11 branches we have an online store which will deliver your items right to your door.